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We all love the recent advances using this technology, and although it has existed since 1980, it's only now that a majority of manufacturing is adopting the additive manufacturing process as mainstream.  3D printing is poised to take on any future of producing physical designs and constructs with limitless applications in all sciences and industries.  What's even greater about 3D printing is that the same capability available to large corporations is also available to the everyday consumer for prototyping their concept designs or even making a final product.  This opens the door for anybody to take their idea to the next level. You can test and present your product's functions, features and proof-of-concept for future productions.

"3D printing has digitized the entire manufacturing process."

-Peter Diamandis
Using SolidWorks software, we have one of the most capable packages to deliver 3D printable designs and printable technologies.  We can 3D model or modify your design concept, then optimize it for the additive manufacturing process.  Depending on the material you prefer to use, different steps are taken to ensure that the printability and resulting functionality or appearance of the design meet expectations and are finalized to your satisfaction.

Here's what you can do with

A great 3D Print design


Can produce a scaled 3D version of your concept for physical review, form, fit, and function tests


Great conversation piece and a big step towards actualizing your design concept or new idea


Can be printed in several material types and can have post-process work applied to the final surface.

Recent Printables

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Let's Turn your idea
into a 3D printed concept!

To get started:

We Need All Of the Following
  • Clean 3D file of your design with no artifacts or intersecting geometry

  • Expectation of the functionality needed after print

  • Chosen material type, color, and expected surface finish

  • Info about the printed size and scale of the model if not 1:1 ratio

Anything Is Possible!

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