Animations are most often composed of a series of rendered images, so the same aesthetic in any previous renderings you may already have can typically be inherited into your 3D animation project. This means all of the photo-realism efforts, materials, textures, scene composition, and lighting schemes can be used, imported, or recreated to suite the video production. We use both KeyShot and the Unreal Engine to produce and complete our animations, so whether simple fast-turnaround animations consisting of short sequences, or a multi-minute video with a lot of effects and action, we can get it done.

"Animation is just another way of telling a story."

-Christopher Miller
The outputs from our animations can be made ready in a variety of ways. For post-process production using Adobe After Effects or Premier, you can expect to have hierarchical bin folders filled with all the raw images usually equating to gigabytes of data. From there you can composite and export your final animation for distribution. If you're not into editing the raw files, we can simply composite these images for you into videos ready for use on the web or other high-definition programming. Here you can expect to receive both a high-quality video as well as an optimized version for uploading to the web, or other specific media need including the creation 360 videos for the ultimate experience.

Here's what you can do with

A Great Video Animation


Can immerse and attract your audience with visuals as well as audio to surround your product introduction or evolution


Use animated cameras visually demonstrating the design's moving parts, operation, assembly and more


Essentially composites everything in your 3D project into a video which can be shared, watched, marketed

Recent Animations

More projects can be seen on GrabCAD

Let's Turn your idea
into a 3D animation!

To get started:

We Need Most Of the Following
  • 3D model files with assigned materials and textures

  • Storyboard or written idea of the animation concept

  • A plan as to how the animation will be used: Cloud or self-hosted video, imported for editing and composition, or other

  • Links to animations online that we could reference what you're looking for and what need to be achieved

  • Our Phone Conversations and Email Correspondence

Anything Is Possible!

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