Documenting your design has huge benefits for you and everyone in your product development team, and SolidWorks creates a "manufacturing ecosystem" or relevant product information and detailed design data.  This includes assembly docs and user manuals, inspection, 2D and 3D drawings, Bill of Materials, Schematics, simulation, cost factoring, interference and tolerance checks, design for manufacturing checks, mold/tool/die checks, and a slew of other metadata.

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-Ryan Holmes

Along the way in creating the 3D design, and once the design is complete, we're able to create and composite the documentation of your product based on your specific needs or preferred method of fabrication.  Being able to review the design by way of 2D/3D drawings in either PDF format or a series of images saves time and earns confidence in the next steps of production.  Our drawings have accurate measurements pulled directly from the 3D models, and detailed dimensions and callouts to all pertinent information can be added to these 2D/3D drawings.

Here's what you can do with

Great Documentation


Display your product cleanly while exposing the internal geometry as well as the external surfaces in a mechanical and detailed fashion


Can clearly show your design's features with accurate dimensions, notes & annotations, recognized callouts & symbols, and data tables


Can display the general assembly of any given 3D design with essential assembly instructions and details for shop fabrication builds

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fully documented!

To get started:

We Need Most Of the Following
  • 3D Models created in SolidWorks with relevant properties assigned

  • Intent for the drawings; i.e. patent filing, shop fabrication, or general product overview

  • Any items important to the design that need special attention called out to in the drawings

Anything Is Possible!

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