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Using SolidWorks to design sheet metal parts and sheet metal assemblies can quickly transform your metal design concept into a manufacturable reality. We build these designs to be as flexible as possible for editability or future modifications. We create a cost-effective solution, designing for home or shop fabrication, and solving the most complex sheet metal designs with efficiency.  Aside from sheet metal air bent parts, these sheet metal parts can also have features such as ribs, louvers, lances, embosses, and mitered flanges. Every sheet metal part created is easily converted into a 2-dimensional flat-pattern used for perimeter cutting and score-cutting bend lines.

"Manufacturing doesn't just mean building cars and metal-bashing; it includes making pharmaceuticals and hi-tech electronics. A crucial part of the process is the research and development that allows better and greener products to come to market."

-Martin Rees
Of course we're not limited to making only sheet metal parts and assemblies, we make 3D models for billet metal machining, metal cutting, and metal cast parts as well.  These projects can range from wrenches and tooling pieces, custom motorcycle and automotive parts, or precise gears and hardware fittings.

Here's what you can do with

A Great Metal Design


Can create simple and complex sheet metal parts and assemblies with folded and flat-pattern 3D files


Generate and use bend tables and apply bend tolerances based on your shop tooling or method of fabrication


Generate cutlists for import into 2D drawings and create 2D file exports for cutting, bending, and fabrication

Recent Metal Designs


More projects can be seen on GrabCAD

Let's Turn your idea
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To get started:

We Need Most Of the Following
  • Written description of the metal design

  • Basic sketches or other composition of the metal design

  • Choice of metal the design will be made from

  • Similar Product or a Reference Found Online

  • Our Phone Conversations and Email Correspondence

Anything Is Possible!

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