Molded Part Design

SolidWorks gives 3D designers specific tools for molded part design, so whatever the material, either plastic or metal, we can translate your prototyped designs into manufacturable files for a larger production cycle.  We achieve this by modifying or featuring the prototype design with process-specific SolidWorks configurations which are ready for your manufacturer's mold tooling process.  We study the physical material for the to-be molded part and build the SolidWorks 3D file to include specific conditions for the mold process to be a cost-effective success.  This includes but is not limited to removal of excess material, simplifying the design's projection into the mold, or any other time-saving suggestions available from your manufacturer.

"Life is a quarry, out of which we are to mold and chisel and complete a character."

-Samuel Butler

Having your product molded can bring prototyped designs into a rapid, high volume output in manufacturing to meet your marketing or consumer need.  SolidWorks can check the design for manufacturability as well as perform an analysis to coincide with 3D simulations showing the formation of the design using the specific mold process.  SolidWorks is also equipped with special purpose tools and library features to create hardware-less designs. These tools include complete plastic part and advanced surfacing design tools, Geometry Import/Repair/Healing tools, Draft/Undercut Analysis/Thickness Analysis tools, parting line/surface tools, and mold filling simulation.

Here's what you can do with

A great molded part design


Add highly detailed features to your product's 3D geometry completed with efficiency


Enhance the strength of the molded part using different plastics with co-injection molds


Reduce the cost-per-unit to meet product demand using high-volume manufacturing molded parts

Recent Moldables


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Let's Turn your idea
into a 3D moldable part!

To get started:

We Need Most Of the Following
  • A concept designed in SolidWorks, compatible 3D file to import into SolidWorks, or a working prototype

  • Your chosen manufacturer's tooling requirements

  • the material of your product coupled with reference images

  • Any specification, drawings, or other relative documents

Anything Is Possible!

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