Structure Design

No matter which kind of structure design you need, SolidWorks has a toolset to accomplish most any job, all while creating a dynamic build of your project to extend it beyond the initial design phase and eventually into production. Using a library of predefined and custom profiles we can rapidly generate structural members, fitting of their intersections, adding of stiffeners & gussets, and even generate pieces to cap off the ends of closed contour structural profiles.

"Good buildings come from good people, and all problems are solved by good design."

-Stephen Gardiner
These structural designs range anywhere from furniture, automotive, or architectural creations, and by default SolidWorks creates cutlists for part separation which we compile into the product documentation. Items like the bill of materials can include either the few pieces, or the several hundred part data set which can be dynamically brought into SolidWorks drawings for detailing and notation.

Here's what you can do with

A great structure design


Dynamically create 3D model profiles using simple box/tube shapes, and complex extrusion with surface features


Rapidly generate 3D modeled structures using 3D sketches with individual control of joining of the pieces


Generates cutlists and other data for rapid 2D drawing creation and part/piece exporting for shop production

Recent Structures


More projects can be seen on GrabCAD

Let's Turn your idea
into a 3D modeled structure!

To get started:

We Need Any Of the Following
  • Profile sketches of your Extrusions

  • Computer or Hand drawn simple sketches of your design

  • Photos of the current structure, parts, and/or components

  • Method of production or manufacturer capability

Anything Is Possible!

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