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Modeling to
Create & Plan
New Products!

Do you have a 3D project that needs quality 3D modeling?

3D Modeling using
SolidWorks, Houdini, Blender

We use SolidWorks, Houdini, and Blender to give us a capability to do both parametric and polygon modeling, making it easy for us to 3D model polygon prototype products or fully engineer designs in CAD.

Along with 3D modeling consumer products and editing existing digital designs, we also 3D model landscapes for architectural environments, as well as do simulations of CAD products using smoke, thermal, fracturing, particle physics, fluid dynamics, FEM, and other special FX.

Got an idea? Get it 3D modeled!

3D Modeling SolidWorksHoudiniBlender

Creating 3D files to prototype your designs is one of our specialties.  We are able to look both inside-and-outside the box to bring solutions to new or existing ideas in a meaningful way.  We can take any 2D sketches you have to build 3D models for 3D print designs, or reverse engineer a current design to make it better.  These 3D models can also be made ready for high-volume manufacturing after properly prototyping and reviewing the 3D.


Documenting your 3D product ideas and bringing them into existence is where it really matters to have accurate and detailed 3D modeling.  Whether it’s a new idea or an existing one, creating 2D drawings from 3D models is easy with SolidWorks.  2D drawings from 3D models allow dimensional and geometrical details to be brought into clear focus and can be used for manufacturing or build drawings, as well as patents and PDF documents.

Material WeightsMassDimensionsCalculations

With SolidWorks we can apply real-world materials such as aluminum or plastic (but not limited to) to properly estimate and calculate properties of any 3D modeled design.  This can give a lot of insight into what it will take to physically produce.   Assigning materials also serve to aid with 3D renderings and animations to create photorealistic images and media.


The software we use really aids our 3D projects with the interoperability in sharing 3D files between applications to perform specific tasks; i.e. rendering, simulation, animation.  In turn, this interoperability allows us to export your 3D for use in any type of production whether physical or digital in it’s final form, perfect for extending it’s usage.

3D Models make all the difference


Envision, Create, Produce

To get off to a good start in any production, it’s important to have terrific 3D done completed and ready to hand off to your next designer, engineers, rapid prototype company, or other manufacturer.  When you have good 3D, you can not only physically fabricate your design but you can create any array of marketing and appealing visuals.  Our 3D we produce will reliably serve any need for conversations with other contractors, coworkers, or any other team that needs to use or understand the prepared 3D assets.